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Yoko OH NO! by HotRod-302
Yoko OH NO!
A re-upload of a commission by :iconsensousanka:
I have a friend who has been on a kitsune bender so I figure he'd like to see a kitsune getting bended! Yoko is going to be very thankful that there are protein shakes, because there isn't going to be much chewing for a few weeks.
Still... can you imagine getting socked in the maw like that with carnivorous teeth? I mean, there are mouth guards and all but one hit when it's not in right and everything is going to taste funky for a while. 
One of a kind by HotRod-302
One of a kind
A commissioned pic done for me by :iconbobcatt:
Sierra is not only one of a kind. Some say she might be the one that started it all! There were a few characters who were female boxers before her, sure, but none were dedicated characters with a full on storyline. A hobby. A job. Friends. Family. A past. She was born and grew up and eventually dies. She's no copycat, like a lot of other characters who hitched a ride on the trend she set. 
Way back in the late 90s she had her first pic done by Shawntae Howard. Furries from various art web sites asked me if they could draw her. They loved the concept! She began to come to life and before her she forged a path of her own. All she ever wanted to do was leave the sport in better shape than it was in when she arrived and her heart swelled with pride as she saw others following her. 
It just saddened her that so many took the easy road. Getting nude and punching each other in the tits and the crotch. She wasn't stupid. She knew there would be "Those kind" out there. But she never thought they'd become the dominant trend. 
But still, in the end they're just copycats. With no stories to be heard unless you become one of their close personal friends. Then you get the story. Sierra has been drawn doing her hobbies. Hanging out with her friends. Just enjoying being alive. Boxing was just her claim to fame. What set her apart from all the other shadows portraying themselves. Sure, they might have had more success than Sierra. But they wouldn't have gotten there had Sierra not showed up. She could forge a path so others could follow. And follow they did. Now the floor is sticky. 
There isn't much more in the future for Sierra. There are so few people worthy of her effort. 
One of mom's first by HotRod-302
One of mom's first
So yesterday was a month ago since she passed away. It was a harder day... just remembering it was the last day I saw her alive and the day before that was the last words I heard come from her mouth. She was laying there, looking like she was asleep, and wearing an oxygen mask. I asked her if she wanted me to stay or if I should go and come back later so she could rest. She said "No, baby." which I took as I should go and let her rest. (I have doubts. Did she say "No" as in don't go? It was the last thing she said to me. She was dozing in and out. A little while after I left they put her on a ventilator.)
This is one of the first works of art she did when she was doing stained glass. I remember how proud she was about how she was doing her first class and when they asked the students to do a cut a curved piece of glass and she was able to do it first try. It's hard to do a curve cut in glass. Usually you have to do it in sections then grind it smooth.
My mom the hot rodder by HotRod-302
My mom the hot rodder
My mom was a hot rodder. My 69 Camaro was originally hers... way back in 1970. We held on to it all of these years.
I'm not entirely sure when this picture was taken. The T-bucket was actually one of my dad's in-laws car. I guess that thing was hairy to drive.
My mom passed away April 15th this year. I miss her, especially today.
The Camaro Colors of autumn. by HotRod-302
My mom was an artist by HotRod-302
My mom was an artist
This is a classic piece of stained glass art my mom made probably 30 years ago. What made this piece SO unique was the rock the mermaid is sitting on is actually fossilized moss rock. It's this nice glass like stone that has moss seemingly floating in it. We found this huge chunk of it and had it cut to the thickness of the stained glass. There is also a seashell in her hair.


Evil Wicked Mean and Nasty
United States
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I worry it's going to be the last big superfight. 
We have to face it, the sport of boxing has been on the decline for a while now. Sure, there's an abundance of fighters out there. But there just aren't many who people get all excited about. No real household names. You could just say "George Foreman" and anyone in the world would know who you're talking about. "Mike Tyson", everyone knew who he was. But when Manny and Floyd are done and we ALL finally got all that bullshit about who is better out of our system, who is left? 
I can't go to work and say to a customer "Vladimir Klitchko" and people automatically know who I'm talking about. 
I record damn near every event my provider airs and usually delete it because there just isn't a "Special feel" about it. Usually fighters I don't really know or nobody particularly talented. All too often it's more like they're spending the whole match daring each other to take a swing... or the opposite. They're winging at each other like a couple pissed off chickens. Bawk bawk. 
Once in a while there are some good fights, but I haven't paid for a pay per view in YEARS because I'm always disappointed. It's like... you pay $70 for a pay per view, cook a nice big steak, settle down to watch the big hyped event and the whole fight is over before the steak has cooled down enough to eat. I sure as FUCK aint gonna pay $100 for it. 
No matter who wins there's going to be people spending more time pissing and moaning about their hero getting beat and robbed. Not people talking about what a great show it is. Or something happens during the match and a riot breaks out. Just like Bowe vs Golota.
I dunno. I don't really think I'm a fight fan anymore.



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