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Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Much appreciated!
Thinking of saving up for a commission. It's pretty big and complex, and in some ways it's beating a dead horse (Don't worry, nothing offensive like I was doing several years ago. It is stroking my ego a bit but not taking jabs at others. I'm putting that behind me. My opinions on the matters stand, but I'm more chill about it.)
It's probably gonna take some saving up, and I'd wager all the artists I'd be all in are too busy or too expensive to do it. I mean... I'm talking like... 11 characters on one page. Even if they only charge $10 per character that's still $100 bucks! Still... the image in my brain and the tune that goes with it is too good to pass up. Even if it PROBABLY wont get a lot of attention it would be mostly for retrospective and my own enjoyment. 
Anyone know of any good anthro artists who could take it on preferably for not an insane amount of money? Almost no background at all, preferably full body but even waist up would work in a pinch.
I see a lot where someone has a drawing table5 going out and asking for help getting a new one, and while I know nothing at all about these things I did stumble across this one. I figured it seems like a good price, so even if it isn't the greatest I think it is better than nothing.…
After a rather shitty day at work I come home and unload the dish washer and am ready to cook a nice chili dinner... 
and as I'm opening the drawer for the silverware... 
mouse pewp in the silverware tray. MOUSE PEWP!
Time to get out the tweezers and firecrackers!
Though it was expensive, it hasn't been bad. 
First I blew the last of my life savings on getting the electrical of the house updated, which was very necessary. The power line coming to the house was sitting ON the air conditioner and there was only a foot between the roof of the garage and the power line. If anything had begun to fray it could cause arcing and a fire. It came with a new updated fuse panel as well. Even better it's going to give me SOLAR PANELS which will be installed Friday. So that will cut my power bill way down to around $60 per month.  So yay.

Then another weight has been lifted, even if it's for a short time, where I am renting out a room in this house to a friend. I have to keep this house at all costs. My mortgage is only just shy of $900 per month, you can't find an apartment here for less than $1000 per month and that is in shitty neighborhoods and only a single bedroom with parking for only ONE vehicle. I have (counts on fingers) 8. I can part with some of 'em, but no way in HELL I'm losing the Camaro and I need a good daily driver like my Pontiac. So this friend, who was my department head a few years ago, is going to move in and help with the bills. So that buys me some time. He's a good guy,  I know I can trust him, and he's helping me and I am helping him. So there's no real downside. 

Also this month I got that badass pic done for me by :iconhorus-goddess: who always knocks it out of the park! All my Christmas shopping is done aside from one niece who we are trying to figure out what to do for... got an ass load of wrapping to do and no time to do it... but hell... 
Got plenty of food in the fridge, no need to shut off my cable or telephone, and all sorts of added fun shit. (I am required to keep an internet connection for the solar panels. The panels send data back on my consumption.)

So I hope everyone has happy holidays!
As a boxing enthusiast, and especially a women's boxing enthusiast, seeing Katie Taylor out there going pro makes me feel good! She is everything the sport needs. She is everything I hoped people saw in Sierra.
She is an excellent fighter and like Sierra she relies a lot on her body movement. I'd throw out my back TRYING to move like that! Her fights are entertaining and fun to watch, she is intense inside the ring and friendly outside the ring. She does all this without selling herself as a female, but as an athlete. She isn't concerned with going out wearing a slooty outfit shaking her ass, she is there for one thing and one thing only... To kick someone's ass.
She was professional enough to not fall into her opponents games and fall for their mind games, like in her second pro fight her opponent kept trying to kiss her on the neck in the clinch. She didn't react at all, Katie was focused on winning.
I hope she brings the sport back from this low point. For many reasons. I admit, selfishly, that my hopes would reinforce that Sierrra's formula works. That maybe by not selling her out as a sex object there is still room for her out there, even if I never see the love Sierra once brought me, at least there are people out there who are like me, and just like to see the ladies doing well.
Got tagged by :icon1unicorn-on-the-cob:


  • List 5-10 fictional characters you have a crush on and what they're from.
  • Can be from a TV show, movie (live-action as well), book, webcomic
  • Can even be OCs
  • Write why
  • The list doesn't have to be in order.
  • Tag other deviants who you think might be interested!
  • That's about it :D (Big Grin)
Since I am a red-blooded MALE this is a "Kid in a candy store" mentality. So these are the Ones that stick out in my mind the most, and I did put them in reverse order. I could list dozens... and dozens... and dozens.... and dozens... 

Okay, so in no particular order we have...

#1: Cheetara: Exotic hot chick+puberty=crush! The original Cheetara came around right when I was hitting that oh-so-special part of life called PUBERTY!

#2: Pumyra: ALSO PUBERTY! She, though, seemed a little more "within reach".

#3: Rahne Synclair AKA Wolfebane (Marvel Comics) After she grew up a little and joined X-factor she became a lot less annoying and became just all around lovable. She was cute, she was kind, I'd never be able to get enough of that Scottish accent, and she transforms into my favorite animal ever, the Wolf. What's not to like?

#4: Gloria Baker: M.A.S.K. Hot chick with a hot car that TRANSFORMS INTO STUFF!! What's not to like?

#5: Lana Kane: Archer. I know she's newer but I even STILL kinda crush on her. She's my kinda gal. She likes cars and sports a couple machine pistols and is probably a worse shot than I am! She is level headed.... most of the time... and when she flies off the handle it's in GLORIOUS fashion! She can also take a good teasin' and dish it right back out.

#6: Demona: Gargoyles. I really liked her because she was broken. That part of me that wanted to fix someone liked her because she was BAD... but she wasn't EVIL. So I always thought "Would someone just wanting to love her be able ring her around to the good guys? There were those signs that there was still someone good inside her and I always wanted to see it come out. 

#7: Elisa Maza. Gargoyles. The best for last! Aside from how she reminds me so much of someone very special, I think she will always be the fictional character I crushed on most. I can still see signs of her influence in my favorite character, Sierra. With Elisa I began to realize what features I like in the bone structure of a woman's face. But she was more than a pretty face. She was stable. She was strong. But she was gentle and kind. She had character and integrity which as most people who watch me know is one of the traits I value more than any other, a trait I hold so high I have made people hate me for my expectations. She was solid and she never compromised her ideals and she never flip-flopped or sold out. She was absolutely loyal all on her own, not because anyone expected it but because that's just how she was. She was the kind of person that I just want to be AROUND even if I wasn't in a relationship with her.

Now to tag some people. 

Looks like I may have another funeral to go to. 
My uncle Vincent died this morning from septic shock due to liver and bladder infections. I don't know if I'll go to the funeral (Or if I CAN. Work has been hell lately and since he's not immediate family they may not approve the time off.) I'd like to be there, he has a lot of history with my mom and my Camaro and he had been talking about wanting to see it again since mom died and I have been in my own little world since she died that I never really responded. I figure if I can I should at least attend with the Camaro. 
Damn it... why is it the most reason I have to drive it is because someone DIED?

Then not half an hour later I get a message from my dad saying he has a tumor on his kidney the size of a lemon. They're removing it end of the month and I need to be there for that, too. They knew it was there, and they can't biopsy it because it's a kind of tumor that can spread. He hasn't always been the most stellar human being but he's always been there for me and taken care of me so I at least owe him the love a son has for his dad.
Man, when it rains it pours. Fuckin' shit... work has been bad, people falling like flies all around me, I have $10 to eat off of the rest of the week. I hope nothing else comes up.
To me it's kind of... meh. I don't know wht it is about the game but I just can't feel drawn in. Anyone else play it? What do you think?
For me the most influential movie for me was Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage. I don't know exactly what one point it was that makes it hit me so hard but it radically changed my writing style... back when I hoped to be a writer. Watching the movie I can see parallel lines between my characters and the characters in the movie. Style cues and the way they talk and personal tastes. 
I remember SO clearly when the movie came out I had just literally watched the original, also a favorite. I didn't even know at the time that there was a remake of Gone in 60 Seconds and when I found out I saw it first chance I got.
I remember so clearly how I felt. That opening music and the ticking of the watch as the road morphed into the hand of the watch... then "Bring sally UUUP bring sally DOWWWN let's done start gotta till the ground..." I still ass-dance in my seat when that one comes up. 
Man-o-man just that first few minutes... I can still feel it in my chest! (Watching the movie right now.) 
That time I saw the movie it altered my writing and storyline. I still see glimpses of the movie characters in my own characters. Those little details that inspired my idea of "COOOOOOL!"
The movie was so integral that I brought it with me when I went to conventions. I was the one who brought the Playstation 2 to all the conventions (I know one birthday boy to be here also knows I was the go-to guy when it came to hooking consoles up to hotel televisions! NYEHEHEHE!) Anyway, I always brought that movie and at one convention in Califonia (A furry con, yes I went to those when the furries saw me in a better light.) and a friend let me stay at his place. Enrique Rosenthal, AKA Aldebran. A real good guy, lost contact with him but I still think highly of the guy. Also with us was Tommy "Furnut" Chan. 
Enrique drove us around to as many of the sites from Gone in 60 Seconds as we could find. I think we bored poor Tommy to death, I don't think he had any real interest, but to me it was as much fun as the trip to Universal Studios. 

Looking at the movie I see shades of Memphis in the kind of man I hope I am. I'd like to say I fit Memphis Reigns well (aside from being much larger and ill tempered) but I know people probably don't see me like that. But I like to think that people might see a bit of that kind of cool in me. That would make me happy.
Odd thing is... none of my RL friends really appear in the movie. Of course, in their minds they have movie counterparts they see in the mirror. 
Like my pal Rob... he THINKS he's Paul Walker from The Fast and the Furious. He's more akin to what the demented love child of Cooter from the original The Dukes of Hazard and Beavis.
Will I don't think really associates himself with a movie actor... but somewhere between Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon meets sprinkles of Cannonball Run characters. Except Jackie Chan (Y'aint that good Will)
Anyway... here's a question... 
What movie character is kinda a spiritual YOU? At least in your eyes.
Been in kind of a bad mood lately, so pardon me for the need to vent a little bit. If you're not interested in this sort of shit, that's cool. I just need to vent. Sometimes putting it down in text helps. You know?

I have not liked car culture lately. Big car show coming up and I have NO intention or interest in going. (KBPI Car Show) I keep thinking why...
Reason is... I have this nice car sitting in the garage I NEVER take out anymore because I have nobody to take it out with. I have one friend I see regularly and he hates the Camaro. (He thinks it's trying to kill him. Because it seems to resist him working on it and I blew the engine once when he was riding along. I blew the engine once when he was trying to help me get it sorted out, but that was vandalism.)
I don't enjoy working on cars anymore. I have projects piling up. The Camaro is pretty much done. I still have the 1929 Dodge rat rod, mom's 56 Chevy Belair, 1968 Chevy C10 pickup, and my "Zombie Truck". I take no pleasure in thinking about working on them. Designing them. Because I know I'll be alone in it all. You see... everything I own is BORING in the eyes of my tuner pal. He hasn't come out and said it... but getting him to work on anything NOT Japanese is like herding cats.
We started putting a transmission in my 68 Chevy about... 3 years ago. The transmission is only about ten feet from the truck. But when we get together it's all fucking around. Watch TV. Play videogames. Eat food. I suppose I COULD do it myself because it's not a terribly complex job BUT because it's handy to have two hands working on it "many hands make light work" sort of thing he's also done several automatic transmission swaps and I have not yet done one. Might be a trick he knows to make things easier... or maybe he'll catch a mistake I might make. Lotsa reasons to have friends there to help if NOTHING more than just to keep the mood light. Also there's my mom's 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. My backup car. Should something happen to my daily driver I have IT. Needs an intake manifold gasket. The thing leaks oil and water pretty bad. Being a new engine I really want a professional to lend a hand.
WHen he's not hanging out with me he's playing with "his" 800 horsepower Nissan 300 ZX. Apparently my cars are too boring for him. Not fast enough. With this KBPI car show coming up he has been whole hog into making it perfect. I refer to it as "His" because it's NOT his. Some old man gave him a blank check to build his dream car, but because he has some medical issues he can't ever drive it. SO... he lets my friend drive it and pretty much pretend that it's his.) One of his other friends has an R32 Nissan Skyline GTR which is also QUICKLY becoming a wildly powerful show car. He'll drop everything to go work on that thing. Leaving MY projects out in the cold. (YUou know, the ones we started and never actually finished.)
Any conversation is "Nissan NISSAN nissan! NEEESAAAAAN! Honda Nissan Toyota! Nissan Datsun Infiniti!"
Me: "Camaro?"
him *flashes dirty look* "GTR! NISSAN! NISSSSSSAAAAAN! GTR!"
Me: "But... Chevy. Camaro!"
Him: "Yeah yeah. Nissan. Nissan. Titan. Skyline."
It's not just my Camaro he has a problem with. It's pretty much... EVERYTHING... I do, have, like, or want. I like X Box. "X Box is evil. Nobody likes X Box. Sony forever!"
Well I like Sony too. So it's no big deal.
I am being given that 1993 Supercharged Bonneville SSEI. Not a particularly valuable car. But I still like it. I mention I want to go get it and see if I can sort it out. He's explaining this supercomputer he's putting in his NISSAN and I mention the same company makes a performance chip for that Bonneville. But it has a lot of miles and I don't really want to modify it for more power. "PERFECT! BUY THE POWER CHIP! Then sell it and watch the motor blow up. Sell that PIECE OF SHIT!"
I REALLY like Halloween. But halloweens here have been slow. I mention I'm looking forward to it, and can't wait. "If there is even a Halloween left. Nobody does halloween anymore!"
He is, of all things, a TEACHER! I guess it's the perfect profession for someone who is not only willing to tell someone they're wrong (OR he THINKS they're wrong) he RELISHES in it. He LOVES teling people they're wrong. HE RELISHES in being right and will not hesitate to force feed you "I told you!" and if you're right he'll find a way to take credit for that.
One of my best friends from high school... and aside from his willingness to pick up the check at dinner I'm beginning to think he's not much of a friend.

It's not just him, though, when it comes to car culture. It's the people at the meets. I can't understand how these people tolerate each other. "DOn't you DARE be proud of what you drive! You are REQUIRED to gush on everyone else's car!" and if someone rolls up in a GTR they think they own the show. There's a car meet here all the time, less than a mile down the road. Every night, almost, there is a gathering. I no longer feel the need to get home and get the Camaro because someone slaps a cold air filter and a half ass turbo on a beat up early 80s Toyota pickup and can't even get it to run right because it's fucking CARBURETED and the carb isn't set up as a blow through turbo carb... he gets more respect. Why? "It's Japanese and Japanese is COOL!"
Okay. Rant over. Gotta eat dinner and go to bed. I know it aint healthy. I really have no fucks to give tonight.…

But let's all face it, guys, for many of us this is just the usual morning ritual. Wake up. Roll out of bed. Fire off a few rounds. Proceed to the shower.
I was thinking about one feature I'd be excited to see. We can see who visited out page, what if we could see what they viewed while they were here? EVen if each deviation we post has a little slot where we can have a "Recent visitors" thingie.
My bank account has been hijacked! 
One thing I always talk about is how my house is spider central. Lay down some glue traps and eventually you'll nab a spider the size of a cat dragging the glue trap behind it across the floor. 
I have even had spider that I can hear moving. THink about that. When was the last time you HEARD a spider. I had one a few years ago I had one I sprayed and when it fell off the wall I heard it "WHAP" and I could hear it flopping around like an octopus as it convulsed "splattasplattasplatta... *spaz*... splattasplattasplatta... *twitch* 
I seriously considered getting the blow torch to finish it off. 
I was taking out the garbage one day and there was one standing there hanging out on my old air compressor and I could see it's eyes reflecting in the dark from my flash light. It was watching me. "Sup." 
I just lay down some fresh glue traps a few days ago and out of morbid curiosity I decided to check them and so far I am at 14. One of which I had to zap with spider spray and it, too, was one that I could heard jumping around inside the glue box. It had me thinking... I just saw a baby wolf spider and now I fear it is plotting revenge for me killing it's father. "My name is Arachnio Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
then I get shanked.
The psychic was right.
So who here knows about the psychological makeup of bunny rabbits? 
I live far enough out where we get all kinds of wild life. I get foxes, had a coyote once, had four skunks living under my shed once. Raccoons are normal. We get bunnies EVERYWHERE. At night you have to drive careful because on the residential roads you can see two, three, or four just hanging out in the street under lights. But there's one oddball... 
There's this one bunny that every night night when I come home from work is sitting in the same spot in the same position. SO MUCH SO... that there is a dead spot in the shape of said bunny in that spot. He's mellow enough that I can walk right up to it and he doesn't scurry away until I'm virtually on top of him. I just wonder WHY does this one little bunny do this? It's after midnight now and he's still sitting there "This is my spot." 
I don't intend on removing him. I just can't help but wonder why. 

On a side note if you get lots of bunnies even if they're not eating your veggies... they will chew on your cars wiring. 
FINALLY finished the cam swap in the Camaro! Injuring my leg at work put a stop to the work for a while. It was one of those nice situations where I set the goal of "Get the ignition system in place." and that turned into "Well, I can get the pulleys all in place" which turned into "Might as well bolt the radiator up!" and so on. Eventually I began making little mistakes but all I had left to do at that point was getting the fuel injection plugged in. Which led to FIRING it up which led to the ritual break-in of the camshaft. 
It took a few tried, it fired right up first time IMMEDIATELY but it wanted to red line. Turned out there was a vacuum leak and some tweaking (This fuel injection you don't just go in and adjust the timing. If it thinks everything is right it will just reset itself.) BUT... after sorting that out I got the first 15 minutes of break in done... but began overheating. For some reason I can't figure out the fan was blowing in reverse... I'll have to figure that out... but after I simply disconnected and reconnected it the fan began to blow. Didn't overheat again! 
It has a lot of little gremlins I have to sort out. The valve covers leak like hell, which I knew would happen because I gotta remove them to double check the rocker arm adjustments. There is a coolant leak I gotta sort out. The only HARD thing is... well... fucking Ebay parts.
I got a really nice billet dipstick with a flexible braided steel. The damn flexible part MELTED!!!! Not such a big deal, right? Well... aside from the minor inconvenience that the nipple that presses into the block has almost nothing to hold on to to yank it out and it's pressed in solid. SO... yeah... not sure what to do aside from yank out the whole engine and pop the oil pan off and pound it out from inside the engine.
BUT... it runs! Runs pretty okay, too! Once the fuel injection gets used to the new cam it should be better than ever!
As a boxing fan and women's boxing enthusiast is watch the news surrounding the sport and sometimes something comes up that reminds me of old rivalries. One of which when it comes to ffantasy was a blue bunny boxer who did everything nude as a character and was her own attorney and owned a strip club/boxing gym. My problem being is that sort of thing is not only disrespectful for the sport, it's an overly compensating character design. Like people who have a response to any argument and finishes their point with "So THERE"! Somone who is overly promiscuous, totally sexy, and had such a powerful mind to be a highly successful attorney. Also rubbed me wrong how when Rhonda Rousey stated how she likes to have sex as much as she could before a fight. The bunny said "fighter after my own heart!"  (i guess Rhonda didn't have enough sex, eh? She got rightousley Fucked up proper and somehow finds reasons to put off return. Hmmm)
"See? See?? I can be all that and a bag of chips! Perfect in every way"
Anyway, it sounds a lot like Lisa Lewis Productions. Owned and operated by a stripper/prostitute. Promising her fighters lavish rooms and blah blah bloobity blah. Just after getting her promotions going... Its all over! Sounds to me like that whole "I'm drop dead sexy, motivated, business minded, and a ho" didn't work out so well, eh.
Kinda brings me satisfaction that reality is a little closer to what I hope for it to be once in a while!
Finally got out and worked on the Camaro a bit tonight. Man, am I slow. I remember in Grand Junction I did a cam swap twice in a day. But I got the intake back on the block, gotta put the radiator back in, wire up the fool injection, and change the oil to the break in oil. 
I have always hated the next part, dropping in the distributor because it doesn't just slide on, since the teeth on the gear are at an angle it slightly turns the distributor and turns the oil pump drive shaft JUST a bit. So I usually need to let it have a half turn without skipping any teeth. 
Also there are always those two bolts on the right side I can't get a socket on to torque down. SO I never quite am sure how close I am. I need to hit a Sears or someting and find a socket with it's own universal wobble socket.